• Adam

So it begins!

I never really understood what a Drag Queen was truly, infact I only happened to overhear RuPaul's Drag Race in earshot when I was 15. Weeks of scrolling past my recommended only heightened my apprehension and excitement to see what it was all about. Then, with the click of a button I found myself watching the first episode of Season 2, falling in love with Morgan's confidence, Tatianna's beauty and Jujuee's underrated Congeniality. I felt guilty watching it for some reason but nevertheless I persisted and continued watching all the way up to the currently airing episodes of Season 9. At this point, I had been telling everyone that I could at school about it, seriously everyone. This show was beyond anything I had ever watched before, I could see myself loving it forever. I managed to persuade a couple friends to start watching it and they did, giving me some place other than my thoughts to ask who won that lip-sync. I can remember DragWorld 2017 was approaching fast as my love for the show kept growing faster and I was desperate to go, a whole convention devoted to drag and drag queens I mean what more could you want? Unfortunately though I was due to have an operation about a week before the event and when it came round I couldn't move about anyways, so I decided I would definitely be going in 2018, the year of hope.

Around this time, I began to start customising my first drag race pops. I did a workroom Ru, a slightly darker Raja and a Pearl based on her "Ugliest Dress Ever" from season 7, I watched that lip-sync on repeat so many times! But I wanted to do more! As I kept going and trying out new things I noticed a sort of glow up in my ability to completely transform a pop and I got inspired to create loads of pops. It was noticeable that my favourites to make were Violet Chachki, Tatianna and Katya , Mirroring my admiration for the particular queens. I remember gagging at Violet's Season 8 finale outfit and knew I wanted to turn it into one of my own so I did. It took me several hours and I definitely got a bit frustrated but the end result was so worth it. Up to now, the two Violet pops of the Season 8 reunion are my favourites just because they were the real turning point in my creativity and I knew I could do so much better than before.

Anyways, I had thought about creating an instagram account for quite some time and decided that in late September of 2017 I would go for it. Sharing my custom pieces of American Horror Story, Buffy etc. My tag was Millennial Customs. I changed this to a more punchy, to the point name and also because technically I'm not a millennial. I'm too young! So I shared my first few photos and I got some attention which I was really excited about. I remember waking up one morning to discover that Tatianna had liked my post! I was so excited that this person who I had seen on Netflix had physically double tapped on my photo, what an honour! I could not decide how to present the pops on my instagram as I didn't want the background to be too distracting ,the colours prominent etc. Hands! I thought I would try my hand at taking a photo of the pop in my hand. I could link this to the infamous line "see me with them hands" and it created a brand, I know since when did the dollar store become a brand? But if anyone tried passing my work off as their own, I would hope the hand would be the uniqueness able to prevent theft of my work. And look where we are now, I've managed to mainly stick with a theme on instagram of my hand but have also added some other pics to break up the now iconic four fingers and thumb ;)

I remember the All Stars 3 promos coming out and instantly falling in love with everyone's golden outfits, Morgan Mcmichael's in particular. I knew I had to create a pop of her so I reached out and told her it was on my mind, she replied and was totally excited! A couple of days later, there it was. On New Years Eve me and my friends were playing monopoly in eyeshot of the new Morgan Pop. I Loved it, It had so many details on it that it just made me proud to call it my own creation. The pop found it's way onto my instagram on the beginning of the year and onto Morgan's herself the very next day. I had a ton of notifications coming in, likes, follows, comments. I could not believe it. Wow, I was being noticed by so many people. My creations were on screens around the world. It is the best feeling ever. Months came and went quickly, I still managed to keep making the pops and I noticed more and more queens noticing my custom figures. Honourable mentions are reposts from Phi Phi O'Hara (The second queen of pops, beside me ;) ,India Ferrah, Bendelacreme, Kameron Michaels, Asia O'Hara, Miz Cracker, Mimi Imfurst and likes from so many amazing queens. I was most shook when Violet Chachki liked my post the first time, I just completely didn't expect it. She's a Goddess among the earth. One day I would Love to create at least one pop of each drag race queen, I think I might need to wait until my gap year haha!

So, I reached out to DragWorld and managed to wag myself a stall at the convention but I will save that for another story. Since then I have managed to get out to one drag show with Monet and it was the funniest thing ever, definitely recommend. Life's pretty cool, I'm really just waiting to go and see some more queens which is in December, Christmas Queens!

Anyways I'm sat here now typing this, a college student using his graphics design pass to use the Apple Macs. Anyways I guess this is the story of how FunkoDragRace came to be.

Love Always, ADAM!


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